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Pivoi Black 12w Dual USB Wall Charger

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  • Premium quality: Pivoi’s high quality dual 12W USB wall charger is reliable and will recognize your device and pump out the highest charging speed. You will be able to charge your devices simultaneously on the dual USB charger.
  • Convenience: The wall charger is light in weight and convenient to carry. It will add comfort in your life and is much better than carrying a traditional charger with you at all times. The USB charger has an input of AC 100-240V 50/60Hz and will fully charge your phone in no time.
  • Safe and secure: The wall charger is over-current protection over-voltage protection over- temperature protection short circuit protection. Your phone will always be protected when in charge and when fully charged. It meets the ETL safety regulations.
  • Portable for travel: One of the biggest advantages of the charger is the compact size. It is ideal for travel use and can be conveniently carried with you. It is light in weight and can be packed with ease.
  • Compatible: The wall charger is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. You will not have to worry about carrying different chargers for different devices. It comes with a 12 months of manufacturer warranty.

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This item: Pivoi Black 12w Dual USB Wall Charger
$13.99 $12.99
$13.99 $12.99
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Pivoi Dual USB Wall Charger is a 2.4Amp 5V charger including dual USB ports that let you charge two devices at the same time. Pivoi Dual USB wall charger comes in a heat-resistant anti-drop design, compact size, and lightweight body that makes it suitable for home, work, and to carry along when traveling.

Safety features include circuit, overheat, over-current, and over-charging protection. Use the Pivoi Dual USB wall charger with your iPhone 11/Xs Max/XR/X, 8/7/6S/6 Plus/5S, iPad, iPod, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and other compatible devices.

Key features

Twin Ports

Pivoi Dual USB Wall Charger includes two ports for charging a couple of devices together at the same time. This 12W charging adapter will provide non-stop charging without compromising the charging speed.

Controlled Power Flow

With an inbuilt current identification system, this USB charger self adjusts the current input and maximizes the charging speed that your devices get charged in the shortest time. It also prevents the overflow of power-saving your devices from any harm.

Universal Compatibility

This dual USB Charger is appropriate for all Android and iOS smartphones. Being a multi-purpose and versatile charger, you can also charge tablets, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, and many other devices.

Safety Functions

The in-built safety mechanisms of this USB charger will protect your devices from internal damages, which are majorly caused to power surges, excessive heating, and over-voltage. Its internal detection operation also prevents anything from hampering the charging process.

Compact Design

It is a stylish charger with a dimension of 1.06*2.59*1.59 inches and negligible weight of 1.72 ounces. The sleek and attractive design makes it a perfect charging companion for you all your gizmos.

Easy to Carry

One can easily carry it daily without facing any handling issues. The featherweight and tiny size of this USB charger make it pocket-friendly and easy to carry for your voyages.

Tech Specs

Weight 1.72 oz
Dimensions 1.06*2.59*1.59 in
Color Black
Input Current 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output Current 5.0V/2.4A
Maximum Wattage 12W
USB Type 2×USB (USB A Port)
Charging Protection Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Power
Feature Intelligent Output Current Identification
Pivoi Dual USB Wall Charger Pivoi PD Wall Charger Pivoi Wireless Charger Pad Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand
Pivoi Dual USB Wall Charger Pivoi PD Wall Charger Pivoi Wireless Charger Pad Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand
Charging Technology Wall Charger Wall Charger Wireless Charger Wireless Charger
Charging Ports 2 USB A 1 USB C (PD) + 1 USB A
Maximum Wattage 12W 30W 10W 10W
LED Light
Output Current 5.0V/2.4A 5V/3A, 9V/2A ,12V/1.5A, 5V/2.4A 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A 5V/2.A, 9V/1.67A
Fast Charge
Main Feature Charge 2 Phones Simultaneously 2 Devices High-Speed Charging for Phones,Tablets, and Laptops Qi-certified Dual coils with Foreign matter detection function

Reviews and Q&A

10 Reviews,

10 reviews for Pivoi Black 12w Dual USB Wall Charger

  1. James

    Good customer service and very good product.

  2. Abby

    Great buy

  3. Mary

    Super useful

  4. Jordan

    2 USB ports and it works great!

  5. ERIC

    Perfect size for travel

  6. ALAN

    Exactly what I needed


    Best USB C charger I have used

  8. TERRY

    Amazing power in a tiny device!

  9. Frank

    Exactly what I needed

  10. Jack

    So far, I’m very satisfied

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A No, it automatically adjusts the current output and this protects the charger from overheating.
  2. A Yes, out max output it can support is 12W
  3. A yes, you can charge one or two devices at the same time
  4. A It is compatible with most smartphones such as Android and iOS, tablets and Kindle, Bluetooth Speaker, Power Banks and much more.
  5. A It did with mine. It's a 9360 from 2018. It also works with my 2019 HP Chromebook X2.
  6. A This premium charger is designed to be your single charging hub for all your compatible devices, whether laptops or mobile phones.
  7. A The Pivoi PD Wall Charger is ETL certified.
  8. A No, it charges faster, even with 2 phone at the same time. Love it
  9. A This plug does not get hot when charging my iPhone.
  10. A Both ports equipped with advanced tech adjust current intelligently up to 2.4 Amp.
  11. A 1.72 ounces.
  12. A Yes, usb power adapter works on all USB devices. Such as power bank, iPhone, Samsung, iPad and more cell Phones
  13. A No, not all USB wall chargers are the same. Pivoi dual USB wall charger offers dual output ports and comes with built-in safety features like over charge protection and over voltage protection ensuring your device remains completely safe while charging.
  14. A You can charge your device faster using Pivoi 12 Watt dual USB wall charger in comparison to charging via USB from a laptop or a desktop computer or a power bank.
  15. A Pivoi 12W dual USB wall charger charges your devices faster than conventional wall chargers and does not impact the battery life of your device in the long run.
Pivoi Black 12w Dual USB Wall Charger

Pivoi Black 12w Dual USB Wall Charger

$ 12.99

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