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Pivio Smart Bulb Pack of 2Pivio Smart Bulb Pack of 2

Pivoi Smart Bulb – 2 Pack

(11 reviews)
(11 customer reviews)

Reshape your home’s energy economy and change the lighting of your personal space, with the innovative & efficient smart light bulb from Pivoi. The Smart Bulb white & color bulb lights up your home in 16 million colors, from a warm tinge to a cool, soothing light, all with the tap of a button.

  • 2-pack smart bulb
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home
  • Voice control your smart home
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Pivoi Smart Bulb – 2 Pack

Pivoi Smart Bulb – 2 Pack


Go hands-free and use your voice to control your Smart Bulb lights. It is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa. You can now operate and fine-tune the performance of the lights in your house with ease using just your voice.



Very bright lights can cause glare and strain the eyes and cause discomfort. The Smart Bulb light can be easily customized in terms of brightness and dimness to be easy on the eyes, to better suit your needs and provide the ideal ambiance to your home. Smart Bulb also shows color correctly so that you can match your clothes perfectly.



Pivoi smart bulb has the unique feature of light in 16 million colors, ranging from white light for studying, warm light for casual gatherings, cool-toned light for relaxation, and so on. The bulb provides clear and bright light efficiently.



Pivoi Smart Bulb can be used with the help of the Smart Life App, available on iOS and Android phones. Experience ultimate convenience while monitoring your electricity usage with this App. You can switch all the Smart bulbs in your house on or off, change its brightness or dimness with the App with just the click of a button.



Connect it to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and control from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. Turn it on or off from your comfort or even when away from home.

Voice Control

Give voice commands with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google assistant. Change color, brightness, dimness, or performance of the lights with just your voice.

Device Compatibility

Easily accessible with Smart Life app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home on any iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.


With 900 Lumens, choose among 16 million colors to fine-tune the light. Adjust bulb light into various colors and intensity as per your mood and preference.


FCC/CE/ROHS certifications ensure product safety. A reliable smart lighting option with up to 15000 switching cycles.

2-Pack Smart Bulb

Combo offer pack of two 9W smart bulbs will also help to control electricity usage with the advanced functionality features. E26/E27/B22 bulb base fits perfectly in a regular light socket.


Provided with a warranty for 12 months covering common risks such as flaws in design and defects in manufacturing.

Product Dimension and Weigh

The product measures 2.36 × 2.36 × 4.97 inches and weighs 5.89 ounces.

(11 reviews)
11 Reviews,

11 reviews for Pivoi Smart Bulb – 2 Pack

  1. 5
    (11 reviews)


    Nice… I Like it

  2. 5
    (11 reviews)


    Very nice product

  3. 4
    (11 reviews)


    Amazing product at affordable price

  4. 5
    (11 reviews)


    Amazing features

  5. 5
    (11 reviews)


    I got these light-bulbs for a party to have a cool light changing effect in my stairwell and I’m very happy with the result!

  6. 4
    (11 reviews)


    Both sons are very happy with the bulbs, easy to link up to the mobile phones, once the app has been downloaded. Has brightness and colour control. Great to turn lights on when out

  7. 5
    (11 reviews)


    Going great so far. loving it

  8. 4
    (11 reviews)


    The bulbs themselves are fantastic. Very bright/vivid colors.

  9. 5
    (11 reviews)


    The Real Deal

  10. 5
    (11 reviews)


    Outstanding Customer Service

  11. 4
    (11 reviews)


    Works smoothly with Amazon Alexa, great price, easy to set up.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes. Pivoi Smart Light bulbs are available on Amazon as well as on Pivoi’s official website.
  2. A No. You need wifi in a smart bulb to control it remotely through its app or through Alexa and Google home.
  3. A Pivoi smart bulb has the unique feature of light in 16 million colors, ranging from white light for studying, warm light for casual gatherings, cool-toned light for relaxation, and so on. The bulb provides clear and bright light efficiently.
  4. A Simply plug them in the bulb holder and connect via Wifi. Sync them with your voice assistant or control them through the app. It is as simple as using a light bulb but with more features on your fingertips.
  5. A Pivoi smart light bulbs are energy efficient and can be controlled remotely through an app or through voice assistants like Google home and Alexa. pivoi Smart light bulbs offer 16M color to change your ambience lighting as per your requirement. You can use them to set different themes like Yoga, meditation, party and studying. Pivoi smart light bulbs are light bulbs, but intelligent.
  6. A yes ,smart bulb can work with google assistant
  7. A yes ,Pivoi smart bulb can control the bulb get brighter at a certain time through Pivoi Smart Life application
  8. A Yes, you can set this feature in Smart Life App.
  9. A Yes, you will be able to control the bulbs through either Alexa voice or phone app once connected.
  10. A Wi-Fi is not required to use it as a regular light bulb with a switch, but any smart features, such as dimming, app control, voice control, etc. require an internet connection to work.
  11. A It's easy to use, you may have to try the initial pairing a couple of times but once it's paired it's good to go.
  12. A Yes, with the Smart Life App (available on iOS phones)
Pivoi Smart Bulb – 2 Pack

Pivoi Smart Bulb – 2 Pack

(11 reviews)
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