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Pivoi Wireless Charger StandPivoi Wireless Charger Stand

Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand

(5 reviews)
(5 customer reviews)

Charge your phone wirelessly without any hassles, using this ergonomically designed wireless charger stand from Pivoi.

  • Compatible with 5W 7.5W and 10W
  • FOD foreign matter detection function
  • 10W fast charging, Dual coils, foldable structure, LED Indicator
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Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand

Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand


It also has a sturdy body with back support that holds the phone in place and ensures the phone gets easy wireless charging at your convenience. Use it anywhere and anytime.



You can use this charger stand to charge your phone in any mode. Activate landscape or portrait mode for easy operations. You can browse emails or attend calls while the phone charges, without any danger of the harmful consequences. Stay connected without interruption.



Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand utilizes the advanced Qi wireless technology. It allows the charger to provide a faster charge for your smartphones. Regardless of the model of your phone, it provides fast charging for every smartphone with its Qi-standard receiver. Its dual charging coils ensure the best connectivity.



Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand comes with several unique safety features. It prevents overheating issues. The charger can detect any foreign object on the phone. Hence, it will disconnect the power if there is an issue. More importantly, it also offers adamant protection from overvoltage and short circuits.


Output Current & Input Current:

Offers power output range of 5W, 7.5W, and 10W and input of DC5V 2.A, 9V/1.67A. One for all to power up any wirelessly-charged smartphone. Unique safety features prevent overheating issues, protect from overvoltage, and short circuits.

Maximum Wattage

Fast wireless charging with maximum output wattage of 10W. Auto-disconnects power if any foreign object is detected to protect devices from harm.

Device Compatibility

Works with all Qi-enabled phones, including the iPhone (7.5W) and Samsung flagship phones (10W). The dual charging coils provide the best connectivity.

LED indicator

Shows while the phone is charging and gets fully charged. The smart indicator also tells if the phone is not placed appropriately for charging.


Qi Wireless Charging Technology provides fast and efficient wireless charging. Allow landscape or portrait placement to conveniently use the phone while charging.


Provided with a warranty for 12 months covering common risks such as flaws in design and defects in manufacturing.

Product Dimension and Weight

Product measures 2.47 × 3.41 × 3.95 inches and weighs 7.44 ounces

(5 reviews)
5 Reviews,

5 reviews for Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand

  1. 4
    (5 reviews)


    Awesome wireless charger!!

  2. 5
    (5 reviews)


    Works great and does not get hot.

  3. 5
    (5 reviews)


    Cheap, simple and works

  4. 5
    (5 reviews)


    Fast charge, easy connection… perfect

  5. 5
    (5 reviews)


    Simply great!

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A The charging stops when your battery hits 100%, however, your phone and its background processes are always running when the device is on. The device will drain the battery slowly and so the wireless charging will resume.
  2. A Yes, Pivoi wireless charging stands come with in-built safety features like overcharge protection, over-voltage protection etcetera. It is absolutely safe to leave your device on Pivoi’s wireless charger stand overnight.
  3. A Depends. If the wireless charger supports fast charging, it will charge your device faster than conventional wired chargers. However, there are some wall chargers with high output, like the Pivoi PD wall charger, that charges your device faster than conventional wireless chargers.
  4. A The best wireless charging stand will provide efficient and fast charging and would have in-built safety protections that protect your device from overcharging. Pivoi wireless charging stand is lightweight and ergonomically designed to provide the most efficient and fast charging while keeping your device safe.
  5. A The wireless charger itself has to be plugged in when you need it to use. You can see the charging status of your phone easily when you place it on Pivoi’s wireless charger stand.
  6. A Provided with a warranty for 12 months covering common risks such as flaws in design and defects in manufacturing.
  7. A As galaxy note20 ultra 5g supports Qi wireless charging, it should work for the phone.
  8. A No it is not, it is very light.
  9. A No it does not.
  10. A You can talk on the phone if you make/answer your call using your phone's microphone and Speaker.
  11. A 3.95 × 3.2 × 4.4 in
  12. A The Wirless charger is comptabile with all the Qi devices
  13. A Yes, its support 10W fast charging
  14. A This charger works with any smart phone that supports Qi wireless charging, so yes to Google Pixel 3 XL
Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand

Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand

(5 reviews)
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