15% Commission on every sale with Pivoi

Pivoi is a fast-growing consumer electronics brand that since its inception in late 2019 has been turning heads with its top of the line consumer electronics, mobile accessories and smart home devices. Our team comprises tech enthusiasts who understand the value of reliable consumer electronics in today’s fast-paced technological environment. Moreover, with an already established distribution network and manufacturing facilities, Pivoi’s range of electronic products only has the sky as a limit.

Pivoi has been doing exceptionally well on Amazon and Ebay in multiple countries, more specifically in the USA. Pivoi’s range of products are carried by top distributors in over 10 countries, with more joining the bandwagon as we progress. Our post sales service have received accolades from happy customers all over the world and we are on our way to establish a dominant global consumer electronics brand in the coming months.

What We Provide:

  1. Sale commission rate: 15.00%.
  2. $5 flat on order value greater than $200.
  3. 16% commission for more than $1,000 Gross Sales
  4. 17% commission for more than $3,000 Gross Sales
  5. 18% commission for more than $5,000 Gross Sales
  6. 30 days tracking gap 

Our products are popular, reliable and highly affordable. Our aim is to bring high end technological products to places and people who otherwise do not have access to quality electronics. We would like you to be a part of our journey and assist us in reaching our distribution goals. Of course, we offer attractive incentives, affiliate commissions and bonuses on long-term partnership. For more details contact us

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