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Why Pivoi

As technology enthusiasts and consumers, we came to the conclusion that after paying standard rates and trusting big brands, most of the time the products fail us at our most critical moments. Upon analyzing further with volumes of data and continuous research, we realize that failing accessories is a problem that plagues us at one point or another. Whether due to mass production defects, diluted quality parameters, or just an imitation or copied substandard product, most technological accessories on the market have often been found to be unreliable.

Pivoi was conceptualized with the intent of resolving the problem of unreliable and non-genuine devices, accessories and smart technology products. With the dream of creating a “One Brand solves it all” line of products, we focused on sourcing the most authentic and reliable gadgets, smart devices and innovative technologies under one brand, Pivoi.

Only reliable & authentic products with the capabilities of solving real-world issues will help us create and sustain a global brand. Thankfully, we are well aware of that.

Here is how we Empower you to Leverage Technology to its Optimum

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