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Pivoi offers a limited manufacturer’s warranty

This warranty is only valid for items that are considered defective. Defects are defined as imperfections or flaws that are due to manufacturing error. Any installation failures, normal wear and tear caused by the consumer are not covered under this warranty.

The limited warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser of the product. Proof of purchase and a complete product failure description are required to receive any services guaranteed as part of the limited warranty.

The limited warranty does not apply to refurbished products or products that were sold by any unauthorized distributors or resellers. For purchases made through, eBay, or any other online marketplaces, the warranty mentioned above may or may not qualify. Only products sold specifically by the official Pivoi online store are covered by these warranties.

Pivoi does not provide refunds under the limited warranty in any conditions. Pivoi will replace defective units with refurbished products. If a refurbished unit is not available, then the defective unit will be replaced with a brand new product. If the defective unit is discontinued, end of life, or out of stock, Pivoi will replace it with product(s) of similar value or features. Product warranty periods do not renew with replacement units. The original purchase date and warranty period will apply to replacement products.

What’s Not Covered Under Warranty:
  • Products without sufficient proof of purchase
  • Lost or stolen products
  • Items that have expired their warranty period
  • Non quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase)
  • Free or promotional products
  • Repairs through third parties
  • Damage from outside sources
  • Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly)
  • Purchases from unauthorized resellers
Pivoi is not liable for:
  • Loss of data incurred from use of Pivoi products.
  • Returning personal items sent to Pivoi.

Important Note: All Sale and promotional items will not be eligible for Returns, Exchanges or Warranties.

When returning items for non-quality issues, the buyer assumes responsibility for any damage or loss incurred in transit. Pivoi does not provide refunds for items damaged in transit for non-quality related warranty claims.

Warranty Timeline
ItemWarranty Period (Months)
Mobile Holders6
Power Banks12
Smart Devices12
Mobile Covers1
USB Neck Fan3
Posture Corrector1

To claim your product warranty click here.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Undamaged products may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the date the item was delivered to the designated shipping address. Once the returned item arrives back in Pivoi’s warehouse for inspection, the refund process will begin. See “
Our Return Policy” for more information.

List of Authorized Resellers and Distributors

Official SellerWarranty covers purchases from
Pivoi WebsitePivoi
Amazon.comAmazon Vendor (US only)
Ebay.comEbay Vendor (US only)

One-Month Extended Warranty (Only applicable to the new customers)

To apply for Pivoi one month extended warranty the end-user has to register his or her product including the order number and some purchase information. The registration has to occur no later than 3 (three) months after the date of purchase. Click here to register your product.

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