Best Accessories to look for Samsung S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra

Best Accessories to look for Samsung S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is known to be the most popular line of smartphones in 2020, and while they are pretty convincing, there are a few accessories you will want to own to get the most out of it. Whether you select the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, or S20 Ultra, there is no shortage of product options with which to accessorize your new gadget. Whether you are looking for an extra or faster charger, a new car mobile holder, an extra pair of data cable or and maybe some excellent power banks to rely on for your new phone, Pivoi has it all here for you.

Discover the wide range of accessories to level up and look after your Samsung Galaxy S20 series properly. Here you will find some of our top-picked additions, which will go well with your Samsung S20 handset. These accessories will all make your Samsung Galaxy S20 experience even better and your daily life more convenient than ever before. All the accessories on this list will work for all three Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones, namely, Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. Therefore, no matter which version you decide to pick up, Pivoi products have got you covered.

PD Wall Charger

1. Pivoi PD Wall Charger

This premium charger from Pivoi is accessible to your single charging containing two ports that allow you to charge more than one compatible device at a time. This wall charger comes with dual USB-C and USB ports. It also has a foldable plug. These sturdy components are travel-friendly and easy to store. You can carry them anywhere, and they also offer the leisure of charging multiple devices at once. Whether you have a Type-C or a regular port, it comes equipped with both and provides a maximum power output of 30W, Having 10W of USB-c power and 12W of other standard USB. Thus, you can charge your Samsung S20 quickly, efficiently, and simultaneously.

The Pivoi PD Wall Charger is also ETL certified. It offers protection against overheating, short circuits, and overvoltage during the charging process. Hence, it keeps your device safe from all the mishaps and malfunctions for the longevity of the device. Special features of this pop socket charger are its dual Charging ports, 30W faster and simultaneous charging, compact body, foldable plug make it travel-friendly, built-in protection features for overheating and short circuits, and high-speed technology nano charger.

2. Pivoi Dual USB Wall Charger

Pivoi Dual USB wall charger is not like any regular charger adapter. It is equipped with an intelligent built-in output current identification, making it one of the most reliable and advanced dual USB Wall Charger out there. The Dual USB Wall Charger from Pivoi comes with two separate ports for charging more than one device at the same time, one for your phone and another for any other accessory you want to charge along with it. This 12W charger can be put on use to charge two devices simultaneously without lowering the speed of charging. Thanks to its universally compatible feature, which allows you to charge most of your gadgets such as power banks, tablets, Kindle, Bluetooth speakers, and many more. This dual USB charger also has an inbuilt current identification system that will assist you in adjusting the current input and maximize the charging speed so that your Samsung Galaxy S20 gets charged quickly. It is a fantastic fail-safe method to prevent the overflow of power and save your time. The Pivoi Charger also comes with an in-built safety mechanism that will protect your Samsung Galaxy S20 from internal damages such as overheating, short-circuit, or over-voltage, and additional components detection prevents anything from damaging the charging process of your mobile. It is a multi-purpose and versatile charging adapter to charge your Samsung Galaxy S20 and its accessories. Additionally, the compact size makes it a pocket-friendly accessory for your phone.

Wireless Mobile Chargers

1. Pivoi Wireless Charger Pad

This wireless charger pad from Pivoi is a slim, sturdy round disc made from high-grade silicone material. This material holds and supports the smartphone to keep it in place, prevents shock absorption, and because of the friction, it protects the phone from slipping and falling. These charger pads come with Qi Technology that provides quick charging, and you can also simultaneously use your Samsung Galaxy S20 handset while it is charging, in landscape or portrait mode. The wireless pad comes with LED lights that let you know if the phone is charging properly or not, instead of depending on the charging sign of the phone, now you will always know your phone is charging smoothly. These pads are designed with excellent safety features. It also prevents overheating and overvoltage while charging. The Pivoi Wireless Charger Pad automatically disconnects the power if any foreign material is interfering while charging. The sophisticated looks and sturdy build makes it a pocket-friendly device that you can effortlessly carry on the move. All of these updated features will keep your Samsung Galaxy S20 safe and fully charged all day long.

2. Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand

Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand exhibits a foldable body for compact appeal. It is designed with a sturdy body structure with comfortable back support that holds the smartphone in place and ensures it gets easy wireless charging at your convenience. Use it anywhere and anytime. You can use this charger stand to charge your phone in any mode. Activate landscape or portrait mode for smooth operations. You can browse emails or attend calls while the phone charges, without any danger of harmful consequences. Stay connected without interruption. Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand utilizes the advanced Qi wireless technology. It allows the charger to provide a faster charge for your Samsung Galaxy S20 handset. Regardless of the model of your phone, it offers fast charging for every smartphone with its Qi-standard receiver. Its dual charging coils ensure the best connectivity. Pivoi Wireless Charger Stand comes with several unique safety features. It prevents overheating issues. The charger can detect any foreign object on the phone. Hence, it will disconnect the power if there is an issue. More importantly, it also offers adamant protection from overvoltage and short circuits.

Car Mobile Phone Holder

1. Pivoi Universal Car Air Vent Mount

Car Mobile Phone Holders are accessories that hold onto your smartphone once it is appropriately adjusted in the holder. Usually, these are used for checking the routes in GPS while driving. This mount manufactured by Pivoi is designed in a way to provide all kinds of safety to your smartphone under all conditions, and at the same time, it only requires a single-handed operation for mounting. Pivoi designed it to keep your Samsung Galaxy S20 in its optimum position while driving the toughest roads as well.

One of the best design features about this car mobile phone holder is that it comes with a swivel ball head that gives you 360-degree rotation, which helps to perform multiple tasks with much relative ease as compared to a stationary mount holder. The mount provides ease of use and enables single-hand operations and does not require additional tools. Therefore, making it a user-friendly device. Even if you are not tech-savvy, the functions are easy to understand without the risk of harming or damaging anything, you can use it smoothly. The mount is made of silicon, metal, and ABS altogether, these materials form a durable mobile phone mount. Silicon provides flexibility, while ABS and metal provide sturdiness to the product. With the perfect blend of rich grey and classy black shades, it complements the aesthetic of all modern car interiors and blends in easily. It seamlessly mixes with a color scheme of a modern car and yet stands out because of its sophisticated design making it one of the luxury selections to implement in your automobile. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and adaptable stylish aesthetics.

2. Pivoi Car Mobile Holder with Wireless Charging

The feature that truly puts this accessory at a higher level than other products is its wireless and fast charging. This extraordinary car mobile holder with a wireless charger works for two purposes, you have your phone fixed on the dashboard while driving, while your phone is getting charged without any external data cable. This product provides an advanced single-hand operation with a design that easily attaches and holds your phone securely as you drive without hassles and much more efficiency. It is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 as it is a QI enabled device. Therefore, no external wiring will be required to charge your smartphone because of its 10W fast charging feature.

Simply attach your Samsung Galaxy S20 in the hold and let it work for you. When you want to disconnect your phone, it can be done with one simple touch on the release button. It is effortless to use the Pivoi Car Mobile Holder with Wireless Charging even as you are driving because of its sharp and systematic design that will go well with the interiors of your car perfectly. It is also assembled with powerful gel suction cups that enable you to hold your mobile up of anything, such as on the dashboard or windshield; it offers a firm grip to hold your phone in place. The high-grade suction cups make sure that your phone remains safe and does not fall off even on the bumpy roads. Pivoi Mobile Holder With Wireless Charging also comes with a 360-degree rotation feature that makes the user experience very comfortable while driving. While driving, the 360-degree rotation feature helps you to see GPS clearly, and you can even efficiently multitask while adjusting it according to the needs.

Power Bank

1. Pivoi 10000mAh Power Bank With Smart Dual USB Port

Possibly the thinnest 10000 mAh power bank available in the market, this power bank is perfect for your Samsung Galaxy S20 handset. Pivoi’s ergonomic design makes this power bank comfortable to hold in hand comfortably. This compact and portable powerhouse from Pivoi is small in size, sleek and compact to carry around.

It has an inbuilt system of protection that will safeguard your device from overheating, overcharging, short circuit, over-current, and any other internal damage during charging. Leave the worries about damaging your smartphone. It takes less than 4 hours to recharge, Durable and scratch-resistant outer texture, Three Modes Selection for charging.

Along with the durable polymer battery, USB output of 5V/2A, it also offers a steady flow of 18W power support. Hence, it provides a faster charge for your powerful Galaxy S20 smartphone, as compared to any other power bank in the market, making it a brilliant innovation to travel with. Dual ports for charging two devices at once.

2. Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank with built-in Lightning Cable & Suction Cups

This tiny power bank from Pivoi has its own superpowers, as it can literally stick to any smooth surface and can be charged within the less time of 2.5 hours. SO no more waiting to get your power bank fully charged, while your smartphones get charged in less than half of its time. The technology of this mini power bank perfectly matches up with the hi-tech of Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones. This 5000mAh power bank from Pivoi is an extremely lightweight, highly portable, and travel-friendly gadget to carry while you are on the move. With this tiny beast, you will not have to worry about crossing the weight limit at airports when you carry it along with you for your long travel journeys.

This power bank functions uninterrupted in the temperature as low as 10°C and as high as 40°C, making it suitable for the varying climate, making it a highly travel-friendly gadget to keep your Samsung S20 throughout the day. With the sturdy build and high-performance capabilities of this power bank, you need not have to worry about the temperature anymore. The fast charging time is one more quality that distinguishes this power bank from others available in the market. Apart from quickly charging your Samsung Galaxy S20, it will also get charged within 2.5 hours. It is equipped with a Grade A Li-Polymer rechargeable battery making it much more effective in comparison to other alternatives. This portable power bank from Pivoi presents a superior charm with its compact size and sleek design, fitted with multiple suction cups to make sure that it remains sturdy. Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank is an excellent choice for bumpy rides and is highly resistant to occasional shocks protecting your Samsung S20 from any harm.

Data Cables

1. Pivoi USB 3.0 AM to Type C Cable

When traveling outdoors, there are so many chances we face battery problems in our daily lives, and luckily we discovered cables that will allow fast charging so that you don’t have to live offline for long. With the advancement of technology, the USB ports of devices vary from product to product, and so do USB data sync cables.

This Pivoi Type C cable can charge your Samsung Galaxy S20 series at a much faster rate as compared to other charging cables. The data transfer rate of this cable can be up to 5 Gbps. Also, it is ten times faster than a USB 2.0, making it one of the quickest charging cables for your smartphone. This cable is exceptionally durable and can last for a long time. The nylon braided outer sheath mixed with a stable aluminum connector protection gives this product added strength that is missing from conventional cables. You can use the cable without fearing any breakages. The Pivoi cable type C works well with many kinds of phones, tablets, and laptops. The compatibility makes it work aptly with the most popular and common brands like Sony, Apple MacBook Pro, and many other brands.

These days most of the brands run away from offering a year-long warranty, but this accessory comes with a 12-month warranty that makes it a risk-free investment. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects and design flaws that might occur within 12 months of the purchase.

What makes it unique is its Stylish look, great length, durability, and can withstand pressure. It also offers high-speed transfer at the rate of 5Gbps, ten times faster than the USB 2.0.

We hope that now you are well familiar with all the accessory options, you get to choose for your Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Go to Pivoi now, and buy a smart mobile holder for your car, or a power bank to rely on, or maybe an extra pair of a USB data cable to carry with you. We have got it all. You will get the best from us without facing any problems with the products that you purchase. We also provide a warranty over all our products. Also, with the high-grade built and modern design of our products, all the gadgets are the perfect match for your Samsung S20 to pair without causing any harm. Pivoi also offers free domestic shipping across the US with a faster delivery process to cut-down your waiting time. Now, without wasting any more time, start shopping!

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