Best smart locks of 2019 and which one you should buy

Best smart locks of 2019 and which one you should buy

Installing a smart lock makes a lot of sense if you need to provide friends, colleagues, or guests with secure access to your property. But which one should you buy? Here’s a list of what we regard as the best smart locks of 2019.

The humble door key has served us well for hundreds of years. It is easy to use, reasonably secure, and small enough to slip into your pocket. However, the modern world poses some challenges that are better suited to other forms of home security. Take shared living as an example — the chances of someone losing their key is pretty high. With a smart lock, you can wave goodbye to this problem. Similarly, Airbnb hosts can provide remote access to guests, and office managers can check who is coming and going. If any of these scenarios apply to you, it might be worth investing in some smart home security tech. Here are the best smart locks of 2019:

Yale Assure Smart Lever Lock

Unveiled at CES earlier this year, the tamper-proof Yale Assure combines classic style with modern tech. You punch in a pin code to enter, and the lock syncs perfectly with HomeKit.

Alfred DB1 Smart Touchscreen Home Deadbolt

This handsome deadbolt lock is all touchscreen, save for the override keyhole. You can assign 20 different pin codes with the DB1, and Bluetooth technology allows for code-free access.

Lockly Secure Smart Lock

Lockly offers three modes of entry: key, pin code, or fingerprint. The lock automatically scrambles pin codes once they have been used, and you can save up to 99 recognized fingerprints.

Kevo Convert Smart Lock Kit

If you already have a solid lock, you can retrofit smart features with the Kevo Convert kit. The device replaces the exterior face of your deadbolt and provides easy access control via the companion app.

Price: $149 USD

Gate Camera Smart Lock

Combining the features of a smart lock and a smart doorbell, Gate lets you see who is at the door. Two-way audio means you can have a chat, and the companion app lets you unlock Gate remotely.

Price: $249 USD

Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock

The Reagle lock has two standout features. Firstly, you can install the device in just 15 minutes. Secondly, it works seamlessly with HomeKit and Siri for hands-free home security.

Price: $189 USD

Yale Real Living Keyed Touchscreen Deadbolt

If multi-person access is the main feature you need, the Yale Real Living deadbolt should do the trick. This device operates like a normal key-operated door, with the addition of a pin-code touchscreen. Better still, it works with Alexa.

Price: $125 USD

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

We believe August Pro is probably the best smart lock available right now. This thing works with your existing lock and handle, providing key-free access. It also works perfectly with the August ecosystem, along with Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa.

Price: $229 USD

Best smart locks of 2019

If you regularly receive visitors, investing in a smart lock is a great idea. These devices give you total control over entry, without the need to hand over physical keys. We believe the products above are the best smart locks of 2019 — but have we missed any? Tell us in the comments!

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