Pivoi Convenient Smart Mobile Holder for Car

Pivoi Convenient Smart Mobile Holder for Car
Unlike the pesky low-quality plastic-made cheap mobile holders, Pivoi convenient smart mobile holders for cars use strong magnets to allow you to position your smartphone within the line of sight. This enables your smartphone to be used as a GPS, entertainment center, and also as a hands-free communication device. Apart from their sturdy design and classy look, our hand-picked line-up of the best and the smartest mobile holders provides you with the following standard functionalities.
  1. They are compatible with most smartphones.
  2. Easy to install. Just attach it anywhere!
  3. Lightweight and sturdy look with no use of any cheap material
  4. 1-year warranty for all the products
Pivoi provides excellent value for money with their easy to use car mobile holder. If you want to spend money on a smartphone holder for your car, then go for any of our Pivoi Convenient Car Mobile Holders. Here’s a list of 4 of the best phone mounts in 2020 as we just couldn’t single out anyone or two picks. Therefore, we’re sharing the top 4 most convenient and reliable car mounts after putting them through multiple rigorous tests in the harshest of conditions, so that you can choose the one that’s best for you:

1.Pivoi Car Mobile Holder with Wireless Charging

Pivoi wireless charging smartphone holder is a clever combination of phone mount and wireless charging. This extraordinary device by Pivoi serves mainly two purposes. The first one is you can leave your phone on the dashboard, and the second one is that you can charge it without any external wire. It is compatible with every QI enabled device. No hassles, just efficiency! This smartphone holder is straightforward to use even as you are driving because of its clean and efficient design.

FEATURES of Pivoi Car Mobile Holder with Wireless Charging:

  • Great GEL SUCTION CUP: The sturdy gel suction cups offer a firm hold for your phone in any condition on any surface, be it, the stereo, dashboard, or windshield, it offers a firm grip. These high-quality suction cups make sure that your smartphone remains safe and does not fall.
  • FLEXIBLE VIEWING: This Pivoi Car Mobile Holder With Wireless Charging comes with a 360° rotation that makes it easy to use navigation while driving. You can also efficiently multitask while adjusting the mobile holder according to your requirements.
  • FAST WIRELESS CHARGING: A feature that truly puts this product at a higher level than any other products is its fast and wireless charging. No external wiring is required for this, at all. Just put your phone in the mobile holder and let it do its trick on your wireless charging compatible device.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Pivoi Car Mobile Holder with Wireless Charging

  • Natural look and Overview:  This holder is 0.63125 lbs in weight with 3.5 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches as dimensions and comes in black color. Its appearance and utility model design is patent.
  • Power and Compatibility: This 10W (max) power smartphone holder is compatible with all sizes of mobile and enabled with all QI devices for wireless charging.
  • Operation: It has Freely angle adjustment.
  • USP: Its strong gel suction provides strong adhesive on the windshield and dashboard.
  • Warranty: 12 months warranty available.

2.Pivoi Windshield Car Mobile Phone Holder

This smartphone holder by Pivoi is a solid pick, both in price and functionality. It comes with a suction cup that makes your smartphone stick to your dashboard or any other surface securely. This mount keeps your phone wherever you place it; thanks to the two clamps that hug it firmly, using a “lock and release” system. You can maintain a safe eye level with your phone while driving with this Mobile Holder. Because of its robust design, it holds the phone, and the mount is secured.

FEATURES of Pivoi Windshield Car Mobile Phone Holder

  • STRONG GRIP: Its design is perfect for vents, dashboards, and other surfaces. It keeps the phone and the amount secured. Whether it is a bumpy ride because of the potholes or constant jerks in the traffic, with this product, and your phone will not move a muscle because of its firm grip.
  • 360° ROTATION: This 360-degree rotation feature of this device gives the user the most convenient viewing angles possible. It also makes it easy to operate a phone in a vehicle. With the flexibility that comes with a 360° edge, one can make their driving more safe and secure.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: With a compatibility range from 3.5 inches to 6 inches, this product almost covers all kinds of phones. Since it’s ready to fit flexibly on any phone, it makes an excellent gift choice. With the bigger phones of today’s lifestyle, it is a great product that you use.
  • SLEEK LOOK: The look of this product is very simplistic and minimal. Its functional design can match with all car interiors. The overall look of this product is beautiful, but it will still gain praise and catch the eyes of anyone in your car.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Pivoi Windshield Car Mobile Phone Holder

  • Natural look and Overview: This Pivoi smartphone holder comes with 0.4625 lbs weight and 5 x 3.5 x 3.25 as dimensions. It is black, and the materials used are ABS, PVC, Aluminium, Silicon, and PU.
  • Clamp arm size: 2.28 to 3.77 inch
  • Suction cup size: 2.75 inch
  • Operation: It’s two joints adjustment provide the best viewing angles for the driver.
  • USP: New design reinforced suction cup structure, much stronger suction force.
  • Mobile compatibility: Comes with Universal bracket compatible with 3.5-6 inches smartphone size.
  • Warranty: Comes with 12 months of warranty.

3.Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount

Pivoi magnetic car mount holder comes with quick-snap technology. This high-quality smartphone holder can be adjusted smoothly from different angles, and it is also smooth and fast in installation. This Pivoi magnetic holder is much more reliable than any other magnetic phone holder present in the market. The look of this car mount is full of sophistication and shows the innovative design, and it’s straightforward and simplistic functionality of design is very impressive. It’s an exceedingly simple solution to make the most of your smartphone while you go on a ride that you love.

FEATURES of Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount

  • ADJUSTABLE MOUNT: The free rotation quality that comes with the mount creates hassle-free and very easy to use options for the device. You don’t have to navigate through buttons or locks to change the angle of your phone. One can position their cellphone at a designed angle manually.
  • STRONG MAGNET GRIP: The magnetic grip of this product is fully capable of holding bulky phones with ease. Therefore, your device is protected against shocks, jerks, and bumps of the casual car ride. It offers a fantastic grip for various phone modules. horo

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount

  • Natural look and Overview: Weight is 0.18125 lbs, and dimensions are 2.95 x 2.08 x 1.77 inches. It comes in black color, and the material used is ABS, magnetic, silicon, metal.
  • Functionality: This holder is compatible with horizontal and vertical vents.
  • USP: Three-section adjusting air vent clip fits the different thickness of air blades.
  • Accessory: Contains 1pc of rectangle metal plate and 1pc of a round metal plate with the 3M sticker.
  • Warranty is for 12 months.

4.Universal Car Air Vent Mount

This Pivoi smartphone holder keeps your smartphone in its optimum position. It is very durable, and it is fully adjustable. You can rotate it full 360 degrees easily. And the main thing is it provides a one-touch release mechanism that makes it easy to use. This holder is a blend of rich grey and classy black, and its complements are the aesthetic of all car interiors. It is seamlessly integrated with a color scheme of a modern car and yet stands out because of its sophisticated design. It would be the luxury selection to implement in the car.

FEATURES of Universal Car Air Vent Mount

  •  EASY SINGLE HAND OPERATION: The mount offers simple use. It enables us to single-hand operations and does not require any additional tools. That’s why it is a user-friendly product. Hence, even if you’re not tech-savvy, it’s functions are elementary to understand. Without the risk of any harm and damage, a person can use it smoothly.
  • DURABLE: The Pivoi Universal Car Air Vent Mount For mobile is formed of a durable material like silicon, metal, and ABS. Silicon gives the device flexibility, while ABS and metal give it sturdiness. Together, these materials make a durable mobile mount.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Universal Car Air Vent Mount

  • Natural look and Overview: its weight is 0.25lbs, and dimensions are 4.5 x 3 x 3.5 inches. This black colored mount is made from ABS, Metal, and Silicon.
  • Operation: This holder has a 360° rotating ball joint adapter with One-hand activity.
  • Warranty: Comes with 12 months of warranty.
So, go to Pivoi now, and buy a smartphone holder for your car. Make your ride easy and safe.
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