Pivoi Smart Bulb Review 

Pivoi Smart Bulb Review 

A tech-world with household appliances and devices connected to the internet and operated remotely is not a sci-fi writer’s imagination anymore. We are already living in a world where one can control devices using a smartphone. Smart homes, because of their high-price, have not become very common yet, but smart bulbs are now starting to change things. Imagine switching a bulb on or off using your mobile phone or speaking to another device and asking it to do this for you. You can even change the color of the light that the bulb emits using your smartphone or another device.


The bulb measures 4.75 × 2.5 × 5 in and weighs about 209 grams. Pivoi’s smart bulb is energy efficient with 9W power and 900LM Lumen light intensity and offers 15000 times switching cycles. The base material of the bulb is made up of aluminum with FCC/CE/ROHS certification. For connectivity, it is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Smart Life

. In a box, you get two units of smart bulbs provided with 12 months manufacturing warranty. The smart bulb has the unique feature of light available in 16 million colors, ranging from white light for regular time, warm glow for casual gatherings, cool-toned light for relaxation, and so on.


Reshape your home’s energy vibe and change the lighting of your personal space, with the hi-tech innovative & efficient smart light bulb from Pivoi. The Smart Bulb can light up your living space in 16 million different colors. They are comfortable for the eyes, ranging from warm tinge to cool, soothing light, and all with a single tap of a button on an app or voice control. With the rainbow hues and myriad party tricks, this smart bulb gets all the attention in the world of smart lighting. Even research shows how various shades of color impact our psychological state. Cool-shade light that’s closer to blue has an energizing effect and is best in the morning for the refreshing vibe to your home. Warm light is relaxing and looks after the sun goes down to give a soothing feel to your living space.

Smart Control: This smart bulb comes with hands-free usage and uses your voice to control your lights. This smart bulb is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa. You can operate and fine-tune the performance of the lights in your living space with ease using just your voice, great right!

Color change: One of the top usages of the bulb is changing colors whenever and whatever color you wish with the smart control feature. The Smart Bulb App has a big radial of color, which lets you illuminate any shade you want by choosing the color. The smartphone app also supports voice commands so you can speak to the app and change to the color you want. There are also a few colors presets that you can customize into different modes such as reading mode, relaxation mode, party mode, and many more. The feature of luminosity control, i.e., apart from switching off the bulb, you can also regulate the illumination of the bulb using your smartphone.

Comfortable for the Eyes: Super bright lights can cause glare and strain to the eyes and cause discomfort. This Smart Bulb light can be easily customized in terms of brightness and dimness of the color. It is easy on the eyes to better suit your needs and provide the ideal ambiance to your living space. Pivoi’s smart bulb also shows color correctly so you can match your clothes perfectly to the ambiance you’ll be stepping into.


Pivoi Smart Bulbs can be managed with smart control available with  Pivoi Smart Life App, which can be operated on iOS and Android phones. You can experience ultimate convenience while monitoring your electricity usage with this app. One can easily control all the smart bulbs in the house whenever you want, change the brightness or color with the app with the click of a button or just your voice.


After you have installed the smart bulb into the smart plug in your house, you need to download the app or connect it to the smart device, Alexa, or Google Home. To make it easy for you, here is the guide for set-up using different applications:

Smart Life:

Step1:- Plug-in Pivoi Smart Bulb and open the Smart Life app on your smartphone. If your Voice Assistant, if it says, “New Bulb found,” go straight to step 3.

Step2:- Tap the Devices icon in the lower right of the Smart Life, then click the + icon to get started for the personalized configuration.

Step3:- To use your device with Smart Life, start controlling it directly from the app.

Amazon Alexa:

Step1:- Plug-in Pivoi Smart bulb and open the Alexa App, if it says, “New bulb found,” go straight to step 3.

Step2:- Tap the Devices icon in the lower right of the Alexa App, then click the + icon to get started for the personalized configuration.

Step3:- To use a smart bulb with Alexa, say, “Alexa, turn on the First bulb.”

Google Home:

Step1:- Plug-in Pivoi Smart bulb and open the Google Home app says, “New bulb found,” go straight to step 3.

Step2:- Tap the Devices icon in the lower right of the Google Home, then click the + icon to get started for the personalized configuration.

Step3:- To use your device with Google Home, say “Ok, Google, turn on the First bulb.”


Light bulbs controlled by a smartphone application are no longer a new idea. How far this technology has come! Smart household products like the Pivoi smart bulb, a smart control system of interlocking LED panels, have entirely changed the light-bulb concept. A tiny 9W bulb equipped with smart controls is a wonder on its own. One can easily link it to your home devices such as Alexa or Google Home and then convert your regular living room into a smart room. The smart light industry is gaining momentum in the world of smart control. The modern households are adopting smart light solutions at a much faster rate than ever before. What are you thinking about, grab the deal for a smart living!

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