Pivoi Wireless Charging Pad Review

Pivoi Wireless Charging Pad Review

Price: $12.99

Pros: With the latest wireless charging software, this charger is fast, designed at its best, and at a budget-friendly price. It removes the problem of overheating with its significant security mechanisms and won’t hurt your phone.

Cons: None.

Bottom Line: Brisk charging and a budget-friendly price at $12.99 makes the Pivoi wireless charging pad the best of them all.

In the era of technological advancement, the introduction of devices have made our lives easier and more comfortable than ever. From wired headphones to wireless ones, from massive wired sound systems to Bluetooth speakers, how the times have changed! And now, we have actually come a long way. There are no wires around, and it was quite evident that we are moving towards a wireless life the moment Apple took the 3.5 mm audio jack away. So, why stop there? Let’s get rid of the charging cable as well because the 21st century and we, the millennials, are all about comfort and class, for sure!

Using a Pivoi wireless Qi-compatible charging pad, you can now be wire-free and quickly charge your smartphone. With its sophisticated round looks and silicone outer layer for higher friction and shockproof technology, you have to put your phone on top of it, and you are done. Wireless charging pads basically remove the hindrance of continuously plugging and unplugging the charger and do not get lost or irritate you like those long cables. Not only making your daily life easy, but wireless pads have some great features as well:

  • Adaptable Charging with IOS and various Android versions:

Now there is no need to carry different ports like Lightning, Type-C, and Micro USB cables. Why? Well, because wireless chargers today are compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. And, they work on both – IOS (iPhone 8 and above) and some Qi wireless charging Android smartphones (Samsung Galaxy, Note, and S series, Google Nexus series, Pixel 3, and Oneplus 6). This makes your life easier as even if the people around don’t have the same smartphone or brand (no offence, Apple), you won’t be running around with fire on your head to go on an exploration to find a compatible charger.

Basically, these wireless charging pads are saviors for all Qi-enabled smartphone users. As part of your household, now, you can have just 1 Pivoi wireless charging pad or two, and you are free from setting up your own household inventory of smartphone chargers and from those long cables; yes those pesky little…. that somehow have a mind of their own, and are just next to impossible to unwind. Like seriously, it seems like they do that to themselves when no one’s around!

  • Why Not Use the One and Only Port for Music?

As we know that nowadays, this wireless is the trend. These wireless chargers also help you see that you can charge your phone, your Qi-enabled earbuds, and your smartwatch, all at once. In the latest smartphones, the 3.5 mm jack is removed to make the design sleek and chic! Consequently, there is just one port left. So, would you charge your phone or listen to the latest Slipknot track? Pivoi Wireless charging pad let you put your Qi-enabled smartphone on the pad to rejuvenate itself while you keep banging your head with those double beats (sorry, non Metal fans)…

Now that more similar looking bands are competing in the wireless charging pads market, it isn’t easy for the customers to know which one to buy and which to pass. We have checked the chargers out there and found the Pivoi wireless Qi-compatible wireless charging pad the best because of its simple looks, security features, and by far, one of the best and fastest wireless charging pads out there.


When you place your phone on this robust and reliable Pivoi wireless charger pad, you basically manage your phone’s power levels like a pro!. It instantly starts charging as soon as you put your phone on it with an astounding power of 10W. Talk about those massive power bricks, huh!

Also, it has a large contact area as compared to other chargers, which come with only having 5W of power. The basic and the new models of iPhones starting from iPhone 8, 8 plus, to X and 11, can have a maximum of 7.5W through these wireless chargers, and this wireless powerhouse with 10W of power has shown that it can charge your Apple (pun intended) faster than any other wireless charger in the market.

The exceptional built of the Pivoi Wireless Charging Pad is slim, has sturdy round discs, and has been made from high-grade silicone material. This material holds and supports the phone to keep it in place and prevents shock and increases friction to protect the phone from slipping and falling down. Its excellent base has two sides to maintain its perfect balance so that it doesn’t fall or your smartphone gets damaged.

Main Aspects

1. Fast Charging Technology:- These pads include Qi technology that provides quick charging and is compatible with any wireless smartphone. Its main charging feature is that you can use it while you are charging it in portrait or landscape mode. It is compatible with 5w, 7w, and 10w phones entirely.

2. Led Light:- When you use most of the wireless charging pads, you are not sure from a distance if your phone is charging or not. This LED light which, when green, will indicate to you from 15-20 ft that your phone is charging, something that not many wireless chargers have or they charge a bomb for this basic requirement.

3. Security Mechanism:- Its security mechanism is one of the best features as It keeps overheating at the check and maintains a steady input voltage while charging. So, your Qi-enabled smartphone on a Pivoi charging pad will never overheat or overcharge, which otherwise can damage the battery of the phones.

4. Exceptional Build:- It’s exceptional round built with silicone outer layer gives more contact area and higher friction for stability. The shockproof two-side base keeps the pad as well as your phone protected.

Final Thoughts

This product is a done deal if you are looking for a budget-friendly wireless charging pad to buy for a hassle-free experience with any of your Qi-enabled smartphones. Right from charging your phone faster than your regular charger(s), keeping your phone safe from overheating and overcharging to keeping the phone’s battery in an excellent condition, and screaming on top of its lungs, “I am a statement”, it’s got it all!

For just $12.99, if you are looking for something which can be very useful for your household and charge all your Qi-enabled smartphones with just one charger, this is the product you should go for! The Pivoi wireless Qi-compatible charging pad is an excellent deal for just $12.99 but only if you don’t like those long, practically unwindable, good-for-nothing charging cables!

PS: We hate cables.

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