How reliable is a magnetic phone holder for a car?

How reliable is a magnetic phone holder for a car?

We perform the majority of our everyday tasks with the help of our cell phones. Be it for work or personal jobs, our cell phones always come so handy. It has been an indispensable part of our life, and we need them all the time. From an alarm that wakes us up in the morning, to the movies we watch in the bed. People use their cell phones even while driving their vehicles. Some tasks require accessing mobile phones while driving. For example, mobile phones are used for map navigation, attending a phone call, and any other important updates that require immediate attention. Even though some people might argue that it is possible to avoid mobile phones while driving, let us face reality. People do not hesitate to use their mobile phones while driving, to attend to priority things. However, it is a painful thing to be distracted on the phone while driving. In legal terms, it is a punishable offense in most countries, on road safety grounds. Therefore, there arose a need to innovate methods to give us the comfort of using a mobile while driving.

The solution comes in the form of magnetic phone holders. These hold up your phone in such a way that you can have a clear view of the mobile screen while concentrating on the road. It can make your journey comfortable and safe. The magnets ensure that the mobile phone is securely attached to the holder and does not trip down and cause any discomfort or panic while driving your car. It gives confidence that the magnetic phone holders are purely a comfort and does not risk the functioning of your mobile phones.

Why are magnetic phone holders a blessing?

  • Magnetic phone holders provide the primary comfort of multi-tasking while driving your car. You must be able to keep track of the road and at the same time attend to the tasks on your mobile phone. Since different people have different viewing angles from their car seats to the road, it is essential to cater to the comfort of all the users. To assist in this issue, magnetic phone holders allow you to adjust the angle of the view, to match your eye level.
  • The magnetic phone holders act as an extra hand to the person driving the car. You do not have to worry about the mobile phones slipping off your hand and causing a distraction while driving. These magnetic phone holders give you a sturdy grip and ensure that your mobile phone is in place throughout your journey. It is ten times more comfortable to use a magnetic phone holder than the usual method of holding it in your hands.
  • Uneven terrain is not even a concern to use your phone when you have a magnetic phone holder. The bumpy roads, the sharp turns, and twists on the route do not move your phone off the car phone holder. The magnetic phone holder provides a firm hold of your device and keeps it’s position intact.
  • If you are going on a road trip vacation or on a professional duty that involves recording the images on your way, the magnetic phone holders are a blessing. These come with a rotation feature that enables the user to adjust the mobile phone to any desired angle, flip it to the other side and also change the positions as desired.
  • If you are someone who loves listening to music on the go, then you sure would have a CD slot in your car’s panel. Magnetic phone holders can even be attached to those CD slots in the vehicle.
  • These car phone holders are compatible with almost all models and brands of mobile phones and are easy to carry around.
  • The magnetic phone holders are easy to wash and reuse. The sticky pad at the back of the holder is long-lasting and can be stuck to and removed from your dashboard, air vent or windshield, any number of times.
  • The holders come with a shockproof technology that ensures that the mobile screen is visible clearly during the movements in the road, be it a sharp turn or a bump.
  • It also helps you in conveniently attaching and removing the phone to and from the magnetic holder with smart touch technology, similar to the quick snap technology in Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount.
  • Magnetic phone holders also help you to charge your phones through a USB cable while driving.

Where can you place the car phone holder?

Phone holders have various models to match the convenience of multiple users. The objective of a car phone holder is to enable additional support for using the mobile phone without being a hindrance to the drive. The car phone holders can be attached to following surfaces in your car:

  • Dashboard phone holders: this is for people who want their mobile phones at a reachable position. It is suitable for those making a phone call or checking their texts on the drive.
  • Windshield phone holders: for all those wanting to have a straight look at the phone screen, it would be comfortable to mount your phones on the windshield. For example, when you are on a video call or accessing the map navigation, it would be convenient to place your mobile holders on the windshield.
  • CD slot phone holders: if you are a person who enjoys or has a habit of listening to music on the drive, the magnetic phone holder can directly be attached to the CD slot. These mobile holders are convenient to access and provide for a hassle-free experience.
  • Air vent phone holders: one of the convenient places to mount your phone holder is the air vent. The magnetic holders help in docking and undocking your phone in a few seconds. It will be a perfect spot if you don’t like your phone too near the steering wheel but yet not too far away from your reach. People tend to prefer an air vent magnetic phone holder over a traditional one since this does not block the flow of air and is also more comfortable to use.

The Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount comes with a unique three-section air vent clip that can be adjusted to fit the varied thickness of air vent blades across different vehicles. Such compatibility gives it a unique selling point in the market.

What is in a magnetic phone holder?

A magnetic phone holder, typically, comes with a hard magnetic head which is attached to an adjuster. The magnetic head is the one responsible for holding your mobile phone to the holder, and the adjuster assists in positioning the mobile phone at your convenience. Also, while the one end of the adjuster is attached to the magnetic head, the other side is the one that connects it to the surface, which keeps the holder in place. It could be attached to a dashboard, windshield, a CD slot, or an air vent depending on the model.  There is a small, thin metal plate that is available with the magnetic phone holder that helps in mounting the mobile phone against the magnet. Either the back of the mobile device or the case, need to have a sticker that can hold this metal plate in place. For example, the in-box accessory of Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount includes one rectangular metal plate and one circular metal plate, along with a 3M sticker. So, whenever you mount your mobile phone on the magnetic holder, this metal gets stuck to the magnet, and you can swiftly pull away to unmount the mobile phone. The magnetic phone holders, therefore, work on a simple concept of the magnetic field between the metal and the magnet.

Features to look out for in a magnetic phone holder:

  • A magnetic phone holder shall be compatible with almost all screen sizes. It should also provide a smooth mounting and unmounting without the fear of creating scratches on the mobile cover or the casing. The Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount is compatible with mobile phones having a screen size ranging from 3.5 inches to 6 inches, which is wide enough to suit almost all the mobile phone models.
  • The magnetic phone holder should provide for easy adjustability of the mobile’s position. It should be convenient to turn the phone around to the desired angle so that there is an unrestricted usage. The Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount provides for a smooth adjustment of the phone’s angle while being mounted to the holder. There is no need to operate the alignment through a lock or a button; a simple manual movement of the mobile phone can adjust it to the desired position.
  • The magnetic holder should be able to support bulky phones and should be capable of holding them through the bumps and twists of the road. The magnetic pull shall be strong enough to deal with the jerks and shocks on the drive, and the Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount would be an excellent choice to ensure a shockproof hold of your phone.
  • The design shall look as simple as possible, which gives it the comfort of carrying around, ease of handling, and adds a touch of classy look to your car interiors. The minimalist, yet impressive design of the Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount makes it an apt addition to your car accessories.

Typical misconceptions over a magnetic holder and crushing them down:

  • There were days when you press your fingers against the television screens or desktop screens or mobile phones, or even rub a magnet on their screen, and it could be psychedelic colors. Those were based on old technology when magnetic fields could intrude on electronic devices. But nowadays, we have advanced to OLED and IPS LCD screens that do not depend on magnetic fields to operate, and we no longer have to worry about magnetic interferences to our mobile phones.
  • There is a common concern about whether magnets could damage the data contained in our mobile phones. The storage chips in the phones have flash memory that ensures magnets do not affect the mobile phones. Therefore, your phone gallery, contacts, and messages are still safe in their device.
  • People have a general opinion that magnetic phone holders cause their batteries to drain down. The mobile phones these days come with ample battery capacity to handle heavy usages throughout the day. However, we usually switch on the GPS for navigation or make a video call, or play on continuous music throughout the journey. These activities generally lead to draining down of battery, be it on the magnetic holder or otherwise. The lithium-ion batteries operate on a chemical reaction when charged and do not get affected due to a magnetic field.
  • You can usually find mobile phone speakers at the bottom end of the device. The magnetic field in the car phone does not cause any damage to the speakers, firstly because the strength of the magnetic field in your mobile phone holder is not strong enough to damage your mobile phone speaker. Also, you mount your device in such a way that the center of the mobile case is in contact with the holder. It is always not advisable to bring speakers in close contact with the magnets, and your mobile phones are just fine since they are not subject to any magnetic field around the speakers, which can cause any damage.
  • If you think that magnetic phone holders can damage the GPS feature on the phone, then let us clarify the concept. GPS is a satellite-based tracking system that functions through the satellite signals transmitted to and from the device. It helps in locating a device through its geolocation and the details of the time of such identification, assisting in tracking the distance traveled too. It is, therefore, clarified that the GPS feature does not use geomagnetic forces, and hence magnetic fields in the phone holder can not interfere with the GPS signals and thus can not cause any harm.
  • Magnetic phone holders can not damage the phone signals. The reason being, the phone signals operate on radio wave technology. The signals from your mobile reach the cell phone tower, which is converted into digital signals and then converted back into voice signals when it reaches the receiver. These radio signals can not be disturbed by magnetic signals since they operate on entirely different concepts.
  • The apparent concern arises about what happens to the phone’s compass when brought close to the magnetic holder. The compass works on the phenomenon that allows you to understand where the north is, based on its magnetic sensors. However, the magnetic field around the phone holder is so negligible that it is not powerful enough to interrupt and damage the magnetic sensor of the phone’s magnet. To provide you a better picture, a magnetic field as strong as a lab sized horseshoe magnet can disrupt the phone’s magnetic compass. Therefore, damage to the phone’s compass can not be possible by the compact magnetic holder.

Additional benefits in using a car phone holder:

When your phone holder can also charge your phone, it’s double benefit from a single product. With excessive usage of the phone battery due to usage of GPS and Bluetooth, we would, for sure, require a charger that comes handy. The magnetic phone holders do not cover the charging slots and allow the jack to be connected freely. When the phone holder comes with an attached charging cable, it eliminates the trouble of having to search for the wires on the car’s floor and pulling it towards the phone mount.

People prefer mobile phones that are compact enough and are comfortable to use one-handedly. Therefore, it becomes a crucial aspect while driving that you should be able to operate your phone with a single hand. It is also essential that the car holder should be comfortable to work in a single hand. Mounting and unmounting the phone to and from the holder should not be a cumbersome activity and should not distract your sight off the road. The car holders, such as the Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount are available with a sleek yet sophisticated look that satisfies the concern of most customers.

Most brands provide a warranty on their phone holders, which gives additional encouragement to the customers to try out new products and choose the one that suits them the best. The Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount comes with a 12 months warranty.

Why should magnetic holders be preferred over the conventional clip holders?

Magnetic holders are smaller in size as compared to the conventional clip holders. These are compact to hold and carry around, and also occupies less space on your dashboard, air vent or the windshield. These also provide a firmer hold of the phone as compared to the clip holders. The product tends to last longer since the magnets have a longer useful life than the spring-based plastic clips. These are also less prone to damage or breakage as compared to a clip holder. Another advantage of magnetic holders over the clip holders is that the magnetic holders can hide behind the phone and would almost be invisible when the phone is mounted. The magnetic phone holder provides a better look and comfort in operating all over the phone’s screen. The clip holders could cover any screen space or might need adjusting the clip position to access certain places on the phone’s screen. The use of a magnetic phone holder eliminates this issue with the clip holder.

The magnetic plates and the holders are also individually available in the market. Therefore, it is quite cheaper to purchase various magnetic plates and mounts so that you can mix and match them to create your customized magnetic holder. The magnetic plates are compatible with almost all the holders available in the market and vice versa. This advantage is not possible with a clip holder, wherein you might end up investing in so many products and spending huge money on them.

The innovations with the magnets have never failed to surprise us. Beginning from a simple compass to the massive MRI scanners, the magnetic fields have been useful to humankind. The next-generation cars and the floating trains are a few examples of how people could take the uses of magnet to the next level. In the way of all these innovations, magnetic car holders happen to be frequently used in everyday lives and designed, keeping in mind our convenience and road safety. The launch of magnetic holders in the market has changed the game. People have acknowledged the benefits of magnetic holders and their advantages over the existing clip holders or no holders.

Therefore, with the increasing demand for magnetic phone holders, there are a lot of products available in the market. However, it is necessary to make an informed purchase. People should not be carried away by the cheap and low-quality products and ensure that they invest in a brand that performs as it promises. It is easy to identify inferior products. Products that have poor quality rubber and thick plastic cases do not provide high-quality functioning. The materials get worn out easily and would require you to change frequently. It happens to be a wasteful expenditure. It is always advised to spend a few extra pennies and invest in trusted brands. It helps you to save a lot of money in the future since there would not be a need to replace the product for a very long time. When you own an elegant luxury car, it is more important to ensure that a branded quality car holder compliments the car interiors. On a first impression, the look of the car holder is more apparent than the functioning. However, the usability and operation of the phone holder hold a higher priority in choosing the right product.

Do magnetic phone holders damage phones?

Most phone holders in the market, including Pivoi magnetic phone holders for cars use small magnets that don’t damage your phone’s internal organs or its functionalities. Most smartphones already have a number of magnets inside them like the speaker and the camera and if you are not living under the rock, the 2020 released iPhone 12 series boasts of a magnetometer. It basically uses magnets to properly position the iPhone on a wireless charger.
Not just high end smartphones but other smart accessories like iWatch use magnets to align on a wireless charger. So to answer the question “is the magnetic phone mount safe?”, absolutely, but only if the magnetic phone holder is from a reliable brand or seller. The Pivoi magnetic phone holders for cars are completely safe for your smartphone.

Why wouldn’t the magnetic car mobile holder damage your phone?

If magnetic interference is concerned, components that are most likely to be affected are the inbuilt compass, the GPS module and the speaker of the phone.

However, the vast majority of magnets (even the ones that are really strong) would not have any effect on your smartphone. Let’s take a case by case look on how each of these components are safe while using magnetic phone holders for cars.

Do magnetic car mobile holders damage phone speakers?

The only time a smartphone’s speakers get affected is when you are on a call.
The Pivoi car mobile holder is designed with the magnet right in the center of the holder, whereas your phone speakers are located on the edges, therefore, Pivoi magnetic car mobile holder does not damage your smartphone’s speakers.

Do magnetic phone holders for cars damage your phone screen?

Earlier, in the times of CRT monitors and smartphones the size of bricks, magnets could cause moderate interference because of the technology used.
Fortunately, with the advancement of smartphone technology, significant progress has been made on the display front with IPS LCD screens, OLED and AMOLED screens that have technically no dependability on magnetic fields for functioning. Pivoi car mobile holder is completely safe for your smartphone and has no adverse effect on its screen and display.

Do magnetic car mobile holders damage your smartphone’s GPS?

GPS uses satellite navigation systems and doesn’t require or gets affected by geomagnetic forces or a magnetic field. Large obstacles like a skyscraper or mountains can affect the preciseness of GPS but magnets in no way affect your smartphone’s GPS.
Pivoi magnetic phone holders for cars are completely safe for your smartphone and do not cause any interference with its GPS.

Do magnetic car mobile holders interfere with your smartphone’s cellular signal?

When talking on the phone, your voice is converted into a digital signal and then transmitted across cellular networks using radio waves. In layman’s language, your cellular signal is transmitted through a gigantic network of cell towers and the radio waves through which it transmits the digital signals are not affected by magnetic signals or magnetic interference.
The Pivoi magnetic phone holders for cars are completely safe for your smartphone and do not cause any interference with your cellular signal.


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